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BBS Alumni and Students Club is an NGO that strives to add value to society in general and to the business environment in particular. As a consequence, it tries to provide access to dynamic professionals and proactive managers to workshops, micro-masterclasses and tailored experiences.







Bucharest Business School

Bucharest Business School was established in 2014 as the postgraduate business faculty of Bucharest University of Economic Studies and has two major MBA programs: International Executive MBA (Romanian-Canadian MBA) and INDE MBA (Romanian-French MBA).

Bucharest Business School also develops Executive Education Workshops with open enrolment, tailored Executive Education Programs for companies, and Entrepreneurial Development Programs, under the BBS Executive Education brand. With more than 25 years of international experience in Executive Education through our MBA Programs, our faculty positions itself as one of the major players on the Romanian market with more than 2,000 graduates working in leading companies, and also strives in becoming a leader of the market in the South-East European region.

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The Team

Vasile Alecsandru STRAT

Dean of Bucharest Business School


Vice-Dean of Bucharest Business School

Alin Valentin ANGHELUTA

Vice-Dean of Bucharest Business School

Daniel ZGURA

Director of Executive Education BBS

Cornelia SPANU

Manager of Educational Affairs

Stefania CHIRILA

Manager of Students and Alumni Affairs


Board Member of BBS


Ambasador of ROCA EMBA Community

Bogdan Nicolae ALBU

Ambasador of INDE MBA Community

Digital MicroMaster Classes

Class 1 : Metaverse Education

We are still at an early stage of development for what we call “the Metaverse”: a real-time immersive world to be populated by avatars, digital twins and all sorts of digital goods powered by an exponential rise in creators. However, the massive adoption of new technologies, the digitalisation of businesses and the rising number in global game players surpassing the three-bilion mark by 2023, is accelerating the transition towards phygital worlds and economies.

The role of this Master Class is to provide participants with the knowledge and information they
need to start sketching pivot strategies for their business and their career, in the Metaverse.


Session 1. The coming of Web3, Metaverse definitions and key concepts;

09:30. The Meta Effect: merging of our physical and digital lives
10:00. The pioneer Metaverses
10:30. Inside the creator economy
11.00. Metaverse market map

Session 2. Business and personal brand modelling in the Metaverse;

12:30. From storytelling to story-scoping, designing metaverse experiences
12:45. Introducing the 5 Steps to Sustainable Business Modeling in the Metaverse
13:00. Team assessment
14:15. Wrap up & Conclusions

About the Trainer

Dalia is a designer and creativity educator, who guest lectured on Metaverse at Istituto Europeo di Design Roma and Hoseo University Seoul. 

Besides her own interest in the field, Dalia owns a Realm Academy Certificate which attests her mastery of the Metaverse, NFT and Web3 ecosystem. 

She is currently helping creative workers pivot their careers towards more innovative roles in the online world, through her design program Future Jobs.

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